Why Choose Us?

vyhliadkovy vlacik bratislava team

Traditions and experience: We have been a great success on the market for over 20 years. This period of time has been tremendously important to us in gaining new experiences and knowledge by providing excellent services in the field of tourism in the Danubian Region. In the course of time, many famous clients such as Larry King, G.K Kasparov – Russian Chess Player, E. Cernan – American astronaut and many others have taken advantage of our services.

Professionalism and reliability: A series of highly skilled members of our team guarantee the high quality of the finished product. Reliability is our number one priority and therefore you can fully depend on us.

Multilingual and friendly team: The heart of our company consists of a team of 45 members who speak a handful of language and provide an impeccable service with a smile on their face. The work we do is not only our hobby, but also far more than that.

Creativity and originality: A large part of our products are put together by our team members or in cooperation with our partners. Creativity is another crucial value of ours which makes our brand recognizable on the market. We don’t just want to provide an excellent service, but also surprise our customers in a pleasant way.

Variability and flexibility: Our portfolio comprises of a wide variety of services such as selling transports and general vacation packages. The majority of our services consist of ‘’accustomed’’ services which are set according to specific requests from our loyal customers. Thanks to our offers we are able to respond and to satisfy every requested wish.

Specialization: Our domain focuses on the River Danube and its adjacent region which is a great inspiration to us in putting together the individual products. Being conscious of the significance of the Danubian region, our target is to provide a creative, authentic and outstanding experience as well as creating conditions for regional development and sustainable tourism by preserving the uniqueness and heritage of the cultural site.

Concentration on experience: We do not only provide the service alone to our customers, we are also determined to provide an unforgettable experience which will be remembered for long years. That is exactly why many of our clients opt to take advantage of our services repeatedly which we immensely appreciate.

So come on board with us and experience the Danube like never before!