Rights and obligations of provider and receiver

– The carrier has an assigned legal insurance.
– The carrier provides certified life vests, skiing vests, safety helmets, neoprenes, skis, wake boards, knee boards, lifebuoys and towables ( 1-3 persons) for all on-board passengers.
– Higher authority – postponement of the voyage in unprecedented weather conditions: heavy rain, wind, fog, low or high water level.
– Passengers who cause damage to the carrier are obliged to compensate the full amount of the damage.
– Passengers are required to follow the captain’s orders during the entire voyage.
– Customers who have ordered a service on a specific date must show up at the designated site of departure 10 minutes before the planned time of the commencement of the service. In case of a no-show or late arrival of the customer, the provider will not guarantee the full duration nor execution of the ordered service which could be shortened according to the delay of the customer, alternatively postoponed to another date.

Payment and cancellation conditions:

– Services are inclusive of VAT.
– Payment in advance upon sending a definitely order.
– Cancellation of voyage 10 – 16 days prior to departure 60 EUR/ boat
– Cancellation of voyage 9 days and less prior to departure 100 EUR/ boat
– In case of unprecedented weather conditions 0 EUR cancellation if the voyage is cancelled by the captain himself. Postponement of date possible, alternatively return of deposit.

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